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  Meet Dr. Valerie Bell DPC

Valerie Bell was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. From a young age, she demonstrated a passion for learning and community service. Her early education in Dallas set a strong foundation for her future endeavors. Her family later moved to Ft. Worth, where she graduated from Eastern Hills High School.

Valerie pursued higher education with a focus on education and teaching. After completing her degree and over 15 years in the Beauty Industry, she embarked on a career as an educator, dedicating her life to shaping young minds. She became a teacher in the Crowley Independent School District (ISD), where she is known for her dedication, innovative teaching methods, and the positive impact she had on her students.


Valerie married Artis Bell Sr., and together they built a life filled with love and mutual support. The couple has shared numerous life experiences, supporting each other’s personal and professional growth. Valerie and Artis Bell Sr. have become pillars in their community, known for their commitment to family values and community service. Entrepreneurship: Total Beauty Careers Training Institute. Valerie's passion for education extended beyond the traditional classroom. She identified a need for specialized vocational training in the beauty industry and founded the Total Beauty Careers Training Institute. The institute provides comprehensive training programs for individuals aspiring to build careers in beauty and cosmetology. Under Valerie's leadership, the institute has grown to become a respected establishment, known for its high standards and successful graduates.


Throughout her life, Valerie has been actively involved in her community. She has participated in numerous community service projects and educational initiatives, always striving to make a positive difference. Her work in both education and entrepreneurship has earned her recognition and respect from peers and community members alike.

Dr. Bell is known for her unwavering dedication, compassionate nature, and entrepreneurial spirit. Her contributions to education and vocational training have left a lasting legacy, inspiring many to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals. Her journey reflects her commitment to personal growth, professional excellence, and community betterment.


Dr. Bell’s life is a testament to the power of education, entrepreneurship, and community service. From her roots, to her impactful roles as a teacher and business owner, she has consistently worked towards making a positive impact on those around her. Her legacy continues to inspire and uplift her community.

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